Travel to Vila Real


Important note:

The EUNIS 2012 Organization will arrange for a direct bus, from the Oporto airport to the hotels in Vila Real. To have the best schedules, we ask for the participants to fill in their arrival and departure date/time in the registration form. You don't have to do it the first time you register. You can do it later, after confirming the flight schedule.


By plane to Oporto - RECOMMENDED

To travel to Vila Real by plane, the best option is to fly to Oporto.

From the airport, it's a short travel by train shuttle to the Bus station, and then, a 80Km travel to Vila Real by bus. The bus leaves every hour from 07h00 to 21h20.

Train shuttle: Here

Bus schedule: Here


In detail

From the Oporto airport, take the train shuttle, Line E (Estádio do Dragão – Aeroporto); exit at Bulhão Station. From there you can walk (about 350m) to the Bus Station (Rodonorte) at the Travessa Passos Manuel.

The walking route to the bus station

access to rodonorte


Other options

You can fly to Lisbon and then take another flight to Vila Real, check aerovip, that flyes the route Lisbon-Vila Real. 

You can reach Vila real by train, traveling by train to Peso da Régua and then by Bus or Taxi, from Peso da Régua to Vila Real (about 30Km).

You can reach Vial Real by bus: Rede-Expressos , Rodonorte , Auto-viação do Tâmega.